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The International Travel & Hosting Fellowship is
one of the largest fellowships in Rotary

The mission of ITHF is to stimulate and facilitate connections and cultural sharing throughout the Rotary world by contact, hosting, visiting, and travel.

Past Tours

Members Across the Globe

Members Meetup

Often when we first meet it's like we've been friends all our lives!

Western Canada Tour

2018 Western Canada Tour Group received White Hats at the Calgary Stampede!

Annual Gathering

Annually we can reconnect at the International Rotary Conventions!

President Corner

A Message from the ITHF President and Coach Bala Murthy

Dear ITHF Members,

As your President for 2021-23, I am asking each of you to review our goals and how we can together accomplish them. Let us together embrace, achieve, and have lots and lots of fun meetings/exceeding these 10 goals for 2021-22. Members achieving all the 10 goals will be given an award at the AGM in Houston in June 2022. Enjoy ITHF.

1. Undertake projects in support of RI President Shekhar Mehta 2021-22 Theme - Serve to Change Lives
2. Each One Bring One
3. Each Connect with 5 other members of ITHF portal
4. Each Member talk live to 3 other ITHF members
5. Each Member make plans to travel ( Safely ) during 2022
6. Each Member attend 6 Virtual Tours
7. Each Member update their profile on ITHF Portal
8. Each Member attend Annual General Meeting
9. Each Member write One Newsletter Article
10. Each Member host another Member in their home ( If possible  )

Please stay safe and follow COVID-19 guidelines.

Events & Tours: Due to current COVID restrictions, ITHF has no planned events or tours in 2021. 
Please watch this space to learn about 2022 tours in conjunction with the RI Convention in Houston. The Pre-Cruise details for 2022 are in the website. Please book at the earliest.

Virtual Tours are ongoing. Please watch this space for details. Past Virtual Tours are uploaded in the YouTube (Pls check the upper right hand corner to visit, thank you)

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