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Connections are when you make contact with other peoples in your travels or while hosting. It's when you experience other cultures, have life changing events, and make life-long friends. Through ITHF, our members constantly make new connections while traveling and hosting with our 1,000+ and growing membership.

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ITHF "connections" take many forms. Some involve simply an evening at a restaurant, some will include everything: accommodation, food, sightseeing, entertainment. The choices are made between the member host and visiting Rotarian and there is no obligation on either one's part.  The decision to host is strickly voluntary and at their convenience.

The ITHF "connection" is for the purpose of having a cultural sharing experience and sharing your world with Fellow Rotarians.  It has been a wonderful way to truly live the recent Rotary themes of opening opportunities, serving to change lives, and connecting the world!

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Visiting, hosting, and communicating almost always involves careful preparation.  Our recommendations to you are contained in the Members' Guide and we suggest that each new member download the document from the homepage to familiarize themselves with the Fellowship. 

Our officers and the Administrator are always on call to help. Getting started is easy.  We've been at it now for more than 25 years.​​​​​​​
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Read just a few of the examples of connections made by ITHF'ers below:

Linda (British Columbia, Canada) and Sita (Nepal)

Linda went to Nepal for a Global Grant Project. As a new ITHFer, she contacted ITHF member Sita in Kathmandu. Linda said, "Sita invited me to stay with her for the last 2 days of my trip. This lady is amazing for all the work she does with domestic violence awareness and promoting ITHF. What a lovely experience and a wonderful way to leave Nepal." This is a photo of Sita, her daughter, and Linda eating one of the many delicious meals that she prepared for her guest.
Don and Linda (California, USA) and Aircon (Taiwan)

Aircon not only inspired and arranged for Don and Linda to volunteer a month teaching in a small country town of Taiwan but hosted them for a few days in his home in Taipei. Linda commented, “Seeing any country with a local is what ITHF is all about. It not only makes for a richer experience but often leads to life-long friendships.” Here Aircon, Medicare, family & friends hosted Don & Linda at a lovely banquet in the Grand Hotel.
Sheila and Bill (British Columbia, Canada) and Scott and June (also British Columbia)

Their connection with Scott & June of Kimberly, BC started on a Rotary Fellowship Exchange to Brazil. Sheila & Bill, of Nelson, BC enjoyed some great ITHF hosting in Sao Paulo and convinced Scott and June to join ITHF. Now best friends, they have travelled on RFEs to England and Sweden. Sheila noted, “We have enjoyed each others’ company at Rotary Conventions and on cruises in South East Asia, the Caribbean and the Grand European River cruise.”
Ian and Eleanor (New Zealand) w/Jochen (Germany)

When touring New Zealand, German visitors Jochen and Angela looked up ITHF members in the areas they intended to visit. Having observed Ian’s profile on the ITHF website, Jochen thought it would be especially good to meet with Ian because of their similar backgrounds: both were retired police chiefs! According to Ian, the two couples will always remember their “connection” in Napier, where “old coppers” were able to meet, exchange greetings and tell tales of the “bad guys” they had chased in years past.