Members planning travel refer to the Members Only database on the ITHF website to identify other ITHF members living in the area. Prospective hosts are contacted 30+ days in advance. They consent to a "connection" subject to their own convenience. "Connection" details are worked out between the members.

ConnectionsITHF "connections" are self-paced, subject to individual preferences and can coincide with business or pleasure travel. Membership in the ITHF implies a desire and intent to accommodate other ITHF visitors; however, such "connections" are always subject to the convenience of the hosts.

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ToursAs an enrichment, the ITHF frequently offers "tours" led by dedicated and experienced Rotarians, and packaged at the lowest cost possible. These tours most often coincide with Rotary International Conventions and are limited to ITHF members and partners only.

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The ITHF is NOT a bed and breakfast organization. It is not a home hotel association. There is no obligation to accommodate visitors in the home - the "connection" will be richer for it, but some members do not have space for visitors.

This fellowship is not an agency of, or controlled by, Rotary International
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