ITHF in Perspective:

Rotary Fellowships offer Rotarians and partners the opportunity to make friends with others in Rotary who share common interests. The ITHF is one of more than 60 officially sanctioned and recognized recreational fellowships. They range in interests from golf to wine to fishing to travel and hosting, and more. For a complete list, see

ITHF was officially recognized by Rotary in 1989. ITHF is incorporated and is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of a President, President-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, and 4 Vice Presidents. Reporting to the Board are a group of 35 Area Vice Presidents from all regions of the world, a Membership Director, Promotions Director, Web-master, Facebook Editor, Communications/Connections Editor, and a Tour Committee. The work of the Fellowship is supported by an Administrator.

This fellowship is not an agency of, or controlled by, Rotary International
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