Who Can Join?
All Rotarians singles and couples who enjoy meeting new people, learning about other regions and cultures and sharing their own interests and lives with others will enjoy ITHF.
Why join now?
The sooner you join, the sooner we'll get to know you as a new member, and you'll get to know more about us, where we live and what our interests and involvements are. Your experiences in ITHF will be richer if you join for the long term, and if you are knowledgeable of our concept and guidelines before you attempt to arrange connections.

So, don't delay. We've got a place waiting just for you today.
What are my obligations?
Membership implies desire to accommodate other ITHF visitors; however, such connections are always subject to the host's convenience. Members are also obligated to protect directories and supplements from unauthorized use.
ITHF membership brings with it not just travel and hosting opportunities, but the advantages of fellowship with Rotarians all over the world. With a membership base of over 2 thousand people, ITHF is an international organization dedicated to understanding and appreciating other peoples and cultures all over the world. Our members travel to every corner of the world on official ITHF tours and through personal contacts made using ITHF resources available only through membership.
Select the right membership for you ...
  • 1 Year - $50.00 US
• 3 Year - $75.00 US  Best Value!
Click on either link to access the Registration page where you can select a 1 or 3 year membership.
Members will be contacted by email when it is time to renew their membership.  
To renew your membership:
  Log in as usual and select 'Renew Subscription' from the 'ITHF Members' menu.
This will bring up details of your membership and offer you the option to renew.

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