ITHF exists to promote and facilitate regional, national and international "connections" between its members. ITHF members travel to all different parts of the world and host members from all other parts. Members' lives are enriched by these connections and cross cultural exchanges.

But don't take our word for it, listen to our members ...

Medicare and Linda Hsu
Medicare and Linda Hsu
Taipei, Taiwan

ITHF President, 2015-17

Since joining Rotary in 1986, we have more chances to travel than I used to have in business, and find ITHF is the greatest Rotary Fellowship and makes us busier! ITHF tours not only give us an opportunity to explore the country hosting RI Convention, but also allows us to interact with local Rotarians. Besides the tours, ITHF also helps build a global network of Rotarians and families. Through the ITHF website and CONNECTIONS, ITHFers can establish and deepen their friendship with members of different lifestyles and cultures. Finally, I would like to encourage members to think about organizing their own exploration tours to introduce their county to ITHFers.

Madu Bishnu
Madu Bishnu

Kolkata, India

Vice President

A World Traveler and a passionate one, I have been indebted to ITHF for lifetime connections in US, Canada, UK, Australia and parts of Asia. I’ve been a volunteer to teach Communi-cative English in Taiwan only because of ITHF. This Fellowship has changed my life forever. Many projects also happened due to ITHF. The tours have been a great success and the experience has been most fulfilling. I’ve been hosted more in comparison to hosting, but always looking for an opportunity to host. I enjoy ITHF so much!

Rick and Mary Ellen Harned
Rick and Mary Ellen

Kentucky, USA

Administrator, 2017-2020

ITHF makes possible our preferred mode of travel, which is to learn about a new city or country through the lens of those who live there. In turn, we enjoy introducing our city of Louisville to visiting Rotarians. After superb hospitality in Argentina and Japan, and then friendships evolving from the pre-convention Portugal Tour, Rick agreed to serve as the group’s Treasurer, and since 2017 as Administrator. Our recent trip to Australia and New Zealand was enriched by ten ITHF homestays or shorter connections.

ITHF in Perspective:

Rotary Fellowships offer Rotarians and partners the opportunity to make friends with others in Rotary who share common interests. The ITHF is one of more than 60 officially sanctioned and recognized recreational fellowships. They range in interests from golf to wine to fishing to travel and hosting, and more. For a complete list, see

ITHF was officially recognized by Rotary in 1989. ITHF is incorporated and is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of a President, President-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, and 4 Vice Presidents. Reporting to the Board are a group of 35 Area Vice Presidents from all regions of the world, a Membership Director, Promotions Director, Web-master, Facebook Editor, Communications/Connections Editor, and a Tour Committee. The work of the Fellowship is supported by an Administrator.

Members planning travel refer to the Members Only database on the ITHF website to identify other ITHF members living in the area. Prospective hosts are contacted 30+ days in advance. They consent to a "connection" subject to their own convenience. "Connection" details are worked out between the members.

ConnectionsITHF "connections" are self-paced, subject to individual preferences and can coincide with business or pleasure travel. Membership in the ITHF implies a desire and intent to accommodate other ITHF visitors; however, such "connections" are always subject to the convenience of the hosts.

For more information click on “CONNECTIONS”

ToursAs an enrichment, the ITHF frequently offers "tours" led by dedicated and experienced Rotarians, and packaged at the lowest cost possible. These tours most often coincide with Rotary International Conventions and are limited to ITHF members and partners only.

For more information click on “TOURS”

The ITHF is NOT a bed and breakfast organization. It is not a home hotel association. There is no obligation to accommodate visitors in the home - the "connection" will be richer for it, but some members do not have space for visitors.

This fellowship is not an agency of, or controlled by, Rotary International
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