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The International Travel & Hosting Fellowship is one of the largest fellowships in Rotary.

Sheila & Bill Hart
ITHF President 2017-19
Sheila Hart & Husband, Bill
The mission of ITHF is to stimulate and facilitate connections and cultural sharing throughout the Rotary world by contact, hosting, visiting and travel.

A Message from the ITHF President Sheila Hart

Sheila Hart - ITHF President 2017-2019

Welcome to the International Travel and Hosting Fellowship for Rotary year 2018-19. This is the 28th year of operation for ITHF.

As an ITF member, you have access to the Directory of Members that lists over 1069 ITHF members worldwide. This Directory will be updated quarterly. Once you have found members that you would like to communicate with, you can go to the Member Profile to find out more information about the member and where they live. It is important that all ITHF members spend some time updating their profile. This is just the start of planning for amazing ITHF adventures; organize home stay visits; organize short visit such as a shared meal, a tour of a city, or a shared adventure whether it be exploring a culture, cycling, ball room dancing or geo-caching. Hosts local, District-wide and around the world are waiting for you to contact them to make arrangements. Make the first move to create a wonderful adventure.

 St.Basil's Cathedral

Russia: Two Capitals and the Golden Ring

 ITHF’s 2019 Pre-Convention tour is truly special! Join with other ITHFers and the Moscow-East Rotary Club in a unique survey of Russian history and culture that you just can’t get on your own! Tour starts on May 19 and ends on May 31.


  • Day 1: Moscow, dinner hosted by Moscow East Rotary Club
  • Day 2: Moscow
  • Day 3: Pereslavl-Zaleskiy
  • Day 4: Kostroma
  • Day 5: Pylos & Ivanovo                                                              
  • Day 6: Vladimir / Moscow
  • Day 7: Moscow / St. Petersburg
  • Day 8: St Petersburg
  • Day 9: St. Petersburg - Peterhof
  • Day 10: St. Petersburg – Tsarskoye Selo
  • Day 11: St. Petersburg – Yusupovskiy Palace
  • Day 12: Depart for Hamburg

For full details, pricing and booking form, see: 2019-Golden Ring and Two Capitals Tour

Hamburg Convention Logo

Highlights of Germany


After experiencing Hamburg during the Convention, set out to see the wonderful variety of German art, architecture, and life! Tour starts on June 6 and ends on June 16.


  • Day 1: Bremen and Hamelin
  • Day 2: Berlin
  • Day 3: Berlin and Potsdam
  • Day 4: Meissen and Dresden
  • Day 5: Dresden
  • Day 6: Nuremberg
  • Day 7: Dachau and Munich
  • Day 8: Berchtesgaden and Eagle’s Nest
  • Day 9: Neuschwanstein Castle
  • Day 10: Salzburg
  • Day 11: Departure (from Munich)

Full details, pricing (dependent on number of participants), and booking form can be found at 2019 Germany Tour. For a .docx (MS Word) copy of the reservation form, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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