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Difficulty accessing the website?

The address of the website is www.ithf.org and our security certificate validates that name.  Our new Extended Validation security certificate also validates ithf.org - so you can now securely access our site as: https://www.ithf.org or https://ithf.org .  Any other name may be flagged up as 'untrusted' by your browser.

How can I change my password / email ?

1. Log in as usual
2. From the ITHF Members menu select 'Edit Profile'
3. When your profile is displayed select the 'Contact Info' tab
4. Look for 'Email' or 'Password / Verify Password' and enter the new details
5. Click the 'Update' button at the bottom of the form.

Please check the email address you enter carefully!
Please make a note of your new password!

How can I download details of all members in country or state that I will be visiting?

1. Log in as usual
2. From the ITHF Members menu select  'Directory of Members'
3. When the Directory page appears click on 'List all' (top right corner)
or enter a City, State, Country or RI District and click on 'Find Users' 

Please note: a number of members have not completed their profiles and those who have not entered their country, postal address or club are not shown.
The directory can produce a lot of data on the screen - it is paginated to display 50 members at a time - so California fits on a couple of pages, Australia takes three.
The package we use does not provide facilities to print the directory but the 'Print' option of your browser should let you save a hard copy.

How can I find a member called .. or who has been to .. etc?

1. Log in as usual
2. Click or hover over the 'Members Only' option on the menu across the top of the home page
3. From the drop-down menu select 'Find a member you know', 'Find by location and interest' or one of the other options to list members.
4. These provide name, email and information relevant to your search.
5. For more information click on a members name in the list.

These lists can be helpful for compiling lists of members with particular interests, experience or near some attraction.
For a fuller details of all members in a country or district the 'Directory of Members' above may be more helpful.

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