Looking for the answer to a particular questions? Read some of these frequently asked questions and answers below.
New ITHF members should also browse the Document Library (see link on the Members Menu) for the Members Guide.
If you don't find your question here, you can email Administrator Rick Harned.

What are my obligations as a member?

We ask you to (1) respond to inquiry, (2) use it every opportunity, (3) share your experiences through our newsletter, (4) protect our confidentiality, (5) and don't misuse.

What can I expect from the other members?

Nothing, except friendly response to inquiry. We don't EXPECT, because all connections are always at the convenience of the prospective hosts.

What if I pay to join and later find this concept is not what I expected?

We want only happy, satisfied members. If, in a reasonable time, you are not satisfied we will return your fees and cancel your listings.

How does one start connecting with other members?

The ITHF Members' Guide is provided to all new members and is posted online for review/downloading. It likely will provide all the guidance you'll need.

What about liabilities?

Each member must hold Rotary International and the ITHF harmless from any damage, loss or injury occurring in connection with visiting and/or hosting.

Can you tell me more about the members?

The richness of ITHF is in the interaction of its members of all different cultures, races, religions, ethnic backgrounds, etc.

Can you tell me more about what's happening now in ITHF?

On the website we have the most up-to-date information about all the current and future happenings in ITHF. And, by linking to our past newsletters, you can learn about all the activities we've arranged and conducted over the past 18 years.

Can you tell me more about the organization itself?

The ITHF is incorporated under the laws of the state of Tennessee, USA and is governed by a duly elected board of directors. All bylaws governing the conduct of ITHF can be found in the Articles Of Incorporation found in the Members Area of this web.

How will I renew my membership?

Log in and go to your Profile.  On the 'Subscriptions' tab you will find your renewal options. Click on your choice and complete the transaction online.


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