Highlights from the 1995 “Heart of Europe” Tour

This second adventure for ITHFers commenced in Vienna with the sights and sounds of Austria.

We continued down the Danube to Budapest, across the plains of Hungary to Switzerland, and to magnificent Zermatt and the Matterhorn - sights and experiences unmatched anywhere in the world.

After convention on the Riviera in Nice our group continued through southern France and celebrated the end of an extraordinary time together in Paris with a marvelous dinner.

Getting wet during the Heart of Europe Tour
Getting wet during the Heart of Europe Tour

Highlights from the 1993 “Down Under” Tour of Australia

Because of its success, this first travel adventure not only set a high standard for future excursions, it resulted in the organization's name being changed to include the function of travel.

Throughout Australia, we experienced as much cultural diversity and sharing between ourselves on tour as we did between us and our gracious hosts there.

Ron Pearce and Marilyn made certain that all ITHFers on tour not only saw the sights from the bus, boat, plane, camel, train, etc., but that they saw the "real Australia" from inside the homes of the Rotarians and their families there.

Camel ride
Camel ride, Australia, 1993
The Ghan train club car
The Ghan train club car speeds through the Outback; Great trip overnight!

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