Taiwan members welcome Sean Dunne & Eleanor SwanITHF CONNECTION IN TAIWAN
President Medicare Hsu

In the evening of November 27 th 2014, a group of Taiwan ITHF members, Edelweiss, Dolly, Sharon together with Medicare, had the honor to welcome Sean Dunne and his wife Eleanor Swan from Ireland. Sean is one of the three ITHF members in Ireland and also a senior member of Rotary Club of Newbridge District 1160. They have had the experiences of hosting several international ITHF members at home..

Dinner at the Grand HotelSean was happy to rejoin Eleanor who had resided at the famous Taiwan Yingge Ceramics Museum for three months as a visiting artist. They got the opportunity to taste delicious Taiwanese cuisine, look around beautiful sceneries plus National Palace Museum full of the Chinese dynasty treasures.

The dinner was at the renowned Grand Hotel, a palace style one, with the good conversation to know each other, future cooperation even covering Ireland ABC, Pottery art, the beauty of Taiwan. They also invite Taiwan ITHF members to visit Ireland as they say in Irish “Cead Mile Failte” (a thousand welcomes).

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