It has been 10 days that I’m home with my family after my visit to the Philippines from a medical mission to help the needy and poor people suffering with various diseases. I have been reminiscing the moment I spent there because of the warm hospitality and love I got there from the people there; I would like to start from the scratch.

In 2012 Mr. Frank Kihara a Rotarian from Rotary Club of Kahului was planning to visit Nepal. As we both were ITHF members I invited him to stay at my place. He came Nepal and he stayed with my family and in a very short span of time we became very good friends and he too got very close with my family. While his stay we visited different places of Nepal and he also attended a meeting in my Rotary club (Rotary Club of Newroad City). Frank is a dentist by profession and during his visit, he had told me about his medical mission team of doctors who were helping needy people by giving them medication and free surgery under the banner of Aloha Medical Mission. They would every year plan to go different country for medical mission and the target for 2013 was a remote placed called Dhankuta in Eastern Nepal.

Since I always wanted to help needy people I too wanted to be a part of the Aloha Medical Mission and the best part was it was happening in my own country, I didn’t wanted to miss such a golden chance like that, so I asked if I had any chance of being a part of medical mission, I sent in my CV, and after that I was glad to know that I had been selected for the mission. It was my first time working in a medical field where my job was of an assistant for
doctors who were performing minor surgeries. I got to learn many new things. Most of all the best part of the mission was seeing a simile on the people’s faces after the surgery, who were suffering and living with pain for months and years. The blessings we got from them gave us positive energy to continue what we were doing.

After that Frank his wife Claire and I decided to visit Bangkok and Burma during the Christmas and New Year. It was a wonderful holiday. Frank is a father figure to me, since I had lost my parents when I was young and I felt the parents love from Frank and Clarie.

After that next destination for Aloha medical mission was the Philippines and was scheduled for February & March. I also wanted to take my daughter to this mission once because she plans enter the medical field in the future. By being a part of this mission, she could see for herself the job done by people in medical field; after the visit my daughter is very clear about her future. During the medical mission she practiced being an assistant for dentists, where as I was an assistant for other doctors.

The main idea of the story is that ITHF is a platform to connect people and It has been doing so since its foundation. It has been providing us chance and opportunities, all we need to do is grab the opportunity.

Sita Rupakheti
ITHF, Vice President Nepal

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