Before the Lisbon RI convention, my husband, Bruce Phelps, and I, who are members of Anchorage East Rotary, took the wonderful ITHF tour of Portugal and met John and Jean Henderson who live near Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. In October, on my way to my uncle’s 100th birthday party in Milwaukee I was able to reconnect with the Hendersons who went out of their way to show me around their part of Wisconsin.

John and Jean picked me up at the Amtrak station in Milwaukee and, after a delicious lunch at a famous German restaurant (what was in the food that shrunk me? – see picture), we went to the Milwaukee Art Museum (see picture of John and Jean in front of the iconic Santiago Calatrava addition to the museum).


After taking me to their lake cabin, I spent the night at John and Jean’s house. The next day we went on a boat tour on Lake Geneva and then Jean drove me back to Milwaukee for the aforementioned birthday party for my uncle. It was a quick, but very fun, chance to re-connect with ITHF members we had shared the tour with months earlier. This is just a small example of why I think ITHF is such a valuable organization.

Thanks, again, John and Jean. Please come to Alaska to visit us.

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