Holding Hands in Two Hemispheres

Patrick & Juliet Byashishaki - Kampala, Uganda

I joined ITHF in Bangkok in 2011, and this year I  really enjoyed the fruits of my membership. In  May, GRACE MAANO of Sydney, Australia, wrote  to say she would be visiting Uganda and wanted  to connect with members of the ITHF. With  eagerness, I immediately offered to host her at  my residence, but due to her heavy schedule, we
agreed the hotel would be more comfortable.  

Grace arrived on Thursday, our Rotary Club Fellowship Day. She attended our fellowship, and  members were very happy and excited to receive her. She talked about her mission to Uganda,  which included touring as part of the ITHF program and a follow-up of the Fistula and Medical  equipment projects funded by the DAK Foundation in Australia. Our club agreed to be part of  the team to implement the projects.

On Saturday one of our club members had a traditional ceremony to give away his daughter,  and Grace accompanied us, smartly dressed in our traditional wear. It was really exciting.  

The following Tuesday we had dinner with my family at  one of the  restaurants which  commands an  entire view of  Kampala City. The  next day we drove  to Masaka, a  district town 140  km from Kampala to the west  to visit one  of the fistula projects at Kitovu Hospital. On the  way, we had some time at the equator, one of the  national tourist attraction sites. Grace stood in the southern hemisphere, and I was in the north, yet  we were together.  

From Masaka we drove directly to my residence  where the family was preparing dinner. My two  daughters and my wife JULIET were overjoyed with  her presence. Grace freely interacted and  participated in the preparation of matooke, our  traditional meal. Thanks to ITHF that brought us together.

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