Re-Connecting Three Years Later

Pete Fotheringham & Carol York - Hood River, Oregon, USA

In August of 2010, ITHF members KEN & CINDY HODGE of Newport News, Virginia, USA stayed with  us in our home in White Salmon, Washington,  USA. After their visit, they asked when we were  going to come visit them. Three years later, we  decided to take a month-long bicycle trip in eastern  United States, which would include a visit with
Carol's 90-year-old aunt in Richmond, Virginia, and  a re-connection with the Hodges, followed by  cycling down North Carolina's Outer Banks and up  the Blue Ridge Parkway through North Carolina and  Virginia.

Ken and Cindy were fabulous hosts. In addition to  very knowledgeable tours of Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown & Yorktown (Ken is quite the  history buff, so touring these sites with him is a great experience), we had a great time getting  reacquainted. Cindy fed us wonderful seafood dinners each evening including the highlight of a  massive quantity of Chesapeake Bay crabs one evening, with two of their adult children joining  us for the feast. Because shelling and eating the crab is a time consuming activity, this was an  extended dinner with lots of laughter, storytelling - and a little wine consumption!

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