New Friends and New Rotary Projects

Vivian Findlay & Clyde Boyer - Homer, Alaska

Vivian, Laura, Carlos & ClydeWe have been ITHF members for a long time.   Now we are in Guatemala, and we contacted  CARLOS & LAURA GALVEZ in Guatemala City to  see if they would be willing to host us for 2  nights. We also wanted support from Carlos'  Rotary Club of Guatemala City East for a coffee  project we are doing with Alaskan Rotary clubs  for the indigenous Mayan Ixil people from the  mountains of the Quiche area. These people are extremely poor, and produce the most  wonderful single source, organic, rain forest grown coffee. We hope to receive a TRF grant to provide some coffee processing equipment which will enable the  farm cooperative to retain more of its profits to benefit the farmers
and their families.

  A rocket stoveCarlos and Laura have been magnificent hosts, and Carlos' Rotary  club members have been very helpful. In addition to the coffee  project, Carlos has started another project to provide a local village   "rocket stoves" so that less fuel is needed for cooking, and there is  much less smoke pollution within the cooking area and in the
environment in general. 

ITHF has connected us with new friends, and new Rotary projects,  and we are grateful.

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