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The International Travel & Hosting Fellowship is one of the largest fellowships in Rotary.

Aswini & Mini Kar
ITHF President 2019-21
Aswini Kar & Wife Mini
The mission of ITHF is to stimulate and facilitate connections and cultural sharing throughout the Rotary world by contact, hosting, visiting and travel.

A Message from the ITHF President Aswini Kar

Aswini Kar - ITHF President 2019-2021

Welcome to the International Travel and Hosting Fellowship for Rotary year 2019-20. This is the 31st year of operation for ITHF.

As President of this wonderful Rotary Fellowship, it gives me immense pleasure to lead this fellowship. International Travel and Hosting Fellowship(ITHF) was recognized by RI in 1989, is a network of Rotarians and partners throughout the world, agreeing to host and share their lives with each other. As an ITHF member, you have access to the Directory of Members that lists over 2000 ITHF members worldwide. We currently have 1200 paid members in more than 60 countries. .This Directory is updated quarterly. Once you have found members that you would like to communicate with, you can go to the Member Profile to find out more information about the member and where they live.

It is important that all ITHF members should update their profile. We encourage members to make connections.

2021 Pre-Convention Tour: Taiwan

Past Administrator Uen-Hua (Aircon) Chao has designed a truly fascinating 8-day tour of Taiwan's natural and cultural beauties, ending up in Taipei for the Rotary International Convention!

Great Buddha

 The dates are June 3 - June 11 2021. Check out the details here and begin making your travel plans!

Through June 2020, Taiwan has been extraordinarily successful in dealing with the Corona virus. The Wall Street Journal published an article describing the island's approach.

And here's a great video promoting the island!

2019 Pre-Convention Russia Trip was Fantastic!

Talk about a TWOFER! The International Travel and Host Fellowship not only provides an opportunity to host and stay with Rotarian friends from around the world, but also invites you to incredible pre and post Convention tours of countries near or in which the International Rotary Conventions are held.

St Basil's CathedralAnd what a phenomenal trip we just completed! Before the convention in Hamburg we had the great fortune to join with 50 + fellow Rotarians from around the world in getting an eye-opening look at a Russia we hardly knew! If you had a few perceptions of a large, old country with hardworking downtrodden folks wearing grey clothing with traditional Soviet era housing, and interesting onion-domed churches – well, revise your view!!

 We found friendly people (so many young people looking like hardworking residents of any large city - all on their cell phones!) an incredible efficient metro filled with art, unbelievably clean cities (hardly a scrap of trash or graffiti ANYWHERE) and building construction of new apartments and other buildings all over. The sights were there (those churches are amazing!)  

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